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Who’s afraid of the big red wolf?

Jean-Luc Mélanchon will not be President of the Republic next month. In fact, he won’t make it past Sunday’s first round of the election. The final opinion polls show the Front de gauche candidate finishing fourth, just behind the far-right leader Marine Le Pen. But it is Mélenchon who has come closest to setting this otherwise dreary campaign alight, with his revivalist campaign rallies and his incendiary attacks on international finance. He has cast a long shadow which could extend well beyond the now-likely installation of François Hollande as president on 15 May.

The power of nothing

What actually happened yesterday was a single credit ratings agency, an agency with a lamentable record, especially in respect of the banking crisis, downgraded the France’s debt by one notch from AAA to AA+. That this should lead a plunge in the euro, panic buying… Read More